Gold Coast

Organic Growers

promote organic sustainable food raising for home gardens and farms
Meetings Held: 3rd Thursday of each month

Gold Coast

Organic Growers

foster research into improved methods of organic farming and gardening
The Meeting Place, Cnr Guineas Creek Rd. and Coolgardie St, Elanora.

Gold Coast

Organic Growers

provide information and support to all those interested in the various aspects of organic growing
Doors open 7.00 pm; Begin at 7.30 pm
Meetings Held:

3rd Thursday of the Month

The Meeting Place

Cnr Guineas Creek Rd and Coolgardie St, Elanora, Gold Coast
Doors open: 7:00 pm. Begin at 7:30 pm


Thursday 18th October 2018

Members’ Market Corner:  

Please bring plants, books and produce you wish to sell or trade. 


Maria Roberson 
Diane Kelly 
Vice President / Treasurer /
Membership Sec / Newsletter Asst.
Cathie Hodge

Penny Jameson 
Assistant Sec /Membership Asst 
Stacey Panozzo
Advertising /Social Media Editor
Guest Speaker Liaison 
Leah Johnston,
Emma Litchfield,
Guest Speaker Liaison 

Evelyn Douglas   
Lyn Mansfield,  
Maggie Golightly,
Bill Smart  
Seed Bank  
Paul Roberson,
Deb Phillips,
Bev Geraghty

Dorothy Coe    
Veggie Swap Co-ordinator 
Newsletter Asst.    
Website  Editor / Social Media E. 
Jorge Cantellano  
Newsletter Editor
Website  Editor
Jill Barber
Newsletter Asst.
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This is such an inspiring and Helpful club to belong to! Everyone is so enthusiastic about growing organic food, caring for the environment, and helping each other. I just love coming to meetings and sharing ideas and produce as well as friendship.

Jill Barber

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